UNC Core Certificate Courses

Below are the classes available for the UNC Core Certificate. Please consult the Certificate homepage for general information about the Certificate program. Still have questions after viewing these courses? Contact the UNC Core military academic advisor or your base education officer to map out your course of study.

Art History (ARTH) 151 History of Western Art I (3). This is the first semester of a two-semester survey that is designed to acquaint the beginning student with the historical development of art and with the offerings and instructors of the art history faculty. ARTH 151 covers ancient, medieval, and early Renaissance periods.

Art History (ARTH) 152 History of Western Art II (3). This is the second semester of the two-semester survey course including Western art from the Renaissance to the modern period. ARTH 151 is not a prerequisite for ARTH 152.

Astronomy (ASTR) 101 Introduction to Astronomy: The Solar System (3). Celestial motions of the earth, sun, moon, and planets; nature of light; ground and space-based telescopes; comparative planetology; the earth and the moon; terrestrial and gas planets and their moons; dwarf planets, asteroids, and comets; planetary system formation; extrasolar planets; the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI).

Astronomy (ASTR) 101L Introduction to Astronomy Laboratory: Our Place in Space (1). Pre- or co requisite, ASTR 101. Observing with robotic telescopes in Chile, Australia, and around the world: planets, dwarf planets, moons, asteroids, binary and variable stars, supernovae, star forming regions, star clusters, and galaxies; the seasons, the Galilean revolution; the cosmic distance ladder; the Great Debate; dark matter; Hubble’s Law; dark energy.

Biology (BIOL) 101 Principles of Biology (3). This course is the prerequisite to most higher courses in biology. An introduction to the fundamental principles of biology, including cell structure, chemistry, and function; genetics; evolution; adaptation; and ecology.

Chemistry (CHEM) 101 General Descriptive Chemistry I (3). Prerequisite, MATH 110. The first course in a two-semester sequence. See also CHEM 102. Atomic and molecular structure, stoichiometry and conservation of mass, thermochemical changes and conservation of energy.

Chemistry (CHEM) 102 General Descriptive Chemistry II (3). Prerequisites, CHEM 101 and 101L. C- or better required in CHEM 101. The course is the second in a two-semester sequence. See also CHEM 101. Gases, intermolecular forces, solutions, reaction rates, chemical equilibria including acid-base chemistry, thermochemistry, electrochemistry.

English (ENGL) 105 English Composition and Rhetoric (3). This college-level course focuses on written and oral argumentation, composition, research, information literacy, and rhetorical analysis. The course introduces students to the specific disciplinary contexts for written work and oral presentations required in college courses. Students may not receive credit for both ENGL 102 and 105.

English (ENGL) 128 Major American Authors (3). A study of approximately six major American authors drawn from Emerson, Thoreau, Hawthorne, Melville, Stowe, Whitman, Clemens, Dickinson, Chesnutt, James, Eliot, Stein, Hemingway, O’Neill, Faulkner, Hurston, or others.

Geology (GEOL) 101 Introductory Geology (3). Major geologic events: earthquakes, volcanic activity, mountain formation, plate tectonics, and erosion. Landscape development by glaciers, streams and groundwater, ocean currents and waves, wind. Not open to students with credit in or currently enrolled in GEOL 105, 109, or 110.

History (HIST) 127 American History to 1865 (3). A survey of various aspects of American development during the colonial, revolutionary, and national periods, with stress upon major themes and interpretations.

History (HIST) 128 American History since 1865 (3). A survey of various aspects of American development during a century of rapid industrial, social, political, and international change, with stress upon major themes and interpretations.

MATH 130 Precalculus Mathematics (3). Prerequisite, MATH 110. Covers the basic mathematical skills needed for learning calculus. Topics are calculating and working with functions and data, introduction to trigonometry, parametric equations, and the conic sections. A student may not receive credit for this course after receiving credit for MATH 231.

MATH 231 Calculus of Functions of One Variable I (3). Prerequisites, MATH 110 and 130. Requires a grade of C- or better in MATH 130 or placement by the department. Limits, derivatives, and integrals of functions of one variable. Students may not receive credit for both MATH 231 and MATH 241.

Music (MUSC) 145 Introduction to Jazz (3). A survey of jazz music from its origins to the present. The course builds skills in critical listening and blends discussion of musical materials and historical and cultural contexts.

Philosophy (PHIL) 101 Introduction to Philosophy: Main Problems (3). An introduction to philosophy focusing on a few central problems, for example: free will, the basis of morality, the nature and limits of knowledge, and the existence of God.

Political Science (POLI) 100 Introduction to Government in the United States (3). An introductory course designed to explain the basic processes and issues of the American political system.

Psychology (PSYC) 101 General Psychology (3). A survey of major principles of psychology and an introduction to scientific modes of thought about behavior. Students participate in ongoing psychological research in the department. PSYC 101 is a prerequisite for all psychology courses.

Sociology (SOCI) 101 Sociological Perspectives (3). Introduction to sociology as a discipline that includes study of differences and equality, social structure and institutions, culture, social change, individuals and populations, and social psychology.

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