RELI 208: The Birth of Christianity

This course is an analysis of the origin of the Christian Church and the earliest stages of its expansion with particular emphasis on the problems evident in the shift from a Jewish to a Gentile framework. Paul’s role and contribution in defining and resolving the issues will be considered in detail and evaluated in the light of subsequent events.

Required Texts:

  • Ehrman, After the New Testament: A Reader in Early Christianity, 2nd edition (2015), ISBN 978-0195398922
  • Meeks, The First Urban Christians: The Social World of the Apostle Paul, 2nd edition (2003), ISBN 978-0300098617
  • Stark, The Rise of Christianity: How the Obscure, Marginal Jesus Movement Became the Dominant Religious Force in the Western World in a Few Centuries (1997), ISBN 978-0060677015

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