RELI 106: Introduction to Early Judaism

This course surveys Jewish history and religion during the Second Temple and Rabbinic periods, from the destruction of the First Jewish Temple (Solomon’s Temple) in 586 BCE to the Muslim conquest of Palestine (640 CE).

Required Texts:

  • Goldenberg, The Origins of Judaism: From Canaan to the Rise of Islam (2007), ISBN 978-0521606288
  • Schiffman, Texts and Traditions: A Source Reader for the Study of Second Temple and Rabbinic Judaism (1997), ISBN 978-0881254556
  • A copy of the Bible with Apocrypha, preferably the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV). Recommended version: ed. Coogan, et al., The New Oxford Annotated Bible, 4th edition (2010), ISBN 978-0195289602

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