PHIL 155: Introduction to Mathematical Logic

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Mathematical logic is the study of certain precisely specified formal languages. In this course we will study these languages and their applications. Mathematical logic has proven to be extremely useful in a number of different disciplines. First, it are helpful in the study of good and valid reasoning. We will use these formal languages to study valid and invalid forms of reasoning, and how to distinguish them. Secondly, mathematical logic is useful in the study of natural languages, and we will see some illustrative examples of this. Finally, mathematical logic is crucial for computer science and foundational issues in mathematics. Although these latter two areas quickly get into more advanced topics, we will be able to discuss some highlights of these uses of logic.

Required Text:

  • Barwise and Etchemendy, Language, Proof and Logic, 2nd edition (2011), ISBN 978-1575866321. A new copy of this textbook must be purchased. The software that is included with the textbook package comes with a password that works only for the initial purchaser.

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