MATH 381: Discrete Mathematics

This course serves as a transition from computational to more theoretical mathematics. Topics are from the foundations of mathematics: logic, set theory, relations and functions, induction, permutations and combinations, and recurrence.

Required Materials:

This is a self-contained course—the online lectures serve as the text. However, you are required to have:

  • a calculator with the combinatorial functions (permutations and combinations). Any graphing calculator will have these functions. The Texas Instruments TI-84 is one used by many students.
  • either a scanner to scan handwritten pages or an equation editor to use with your word processor. Your copy of Microsoft Word may already have Equation Editor (choose Object from the Insert menu; if Equation is one of the options available, then you have Microsoft Equation Editor). A recommended alternative equation editor is MathType.
  • a browser that is capable of displaying mathematical notation. We recommend you use the most recent Firefox browser (free download).

Permission of the Department of Mathematics is required for full-time UNC-Chapel Hill students.

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