LING 101: Introduction to Language

This course provides an introduction to the field of linguistics, the scientific study of language. Linguists are concerned with the analysis and description of various aspects of human language. These aspects include speech sounds and sound systems (phonetics and phonology); word formation (morphology); sentence structure (syntax); and lexical, phrasal, and clausal meaning (semantics), and how those meanings can be affected by context (pragmatics). Linguists also explore the relationships between languages and how languages change over time (historical linguistics) and how language influences and is influenced by society (sociolinguistics). We will examine each of these areas, learning not only what linguists posit about language, but also how to use the tools they have developed in furthering their study.

Required Materials:

  • Fromkin, Rodman, and Hyams, An Introduction to Language, 8th edition (2006).
  • Students will need to download and install a special font in order to view the lesson pages and write assignments. A link to the free font and installation instructions is provided.

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