ITAL 204: Intermediate Italian II

ITAL 204 further develops your skills in the four areas of grammar, reading, writing, and pronunciation. You will review some of the grammatical structures you learned in your second and third semester Italian courses as well as learn new ones. Readings include essays on aspects of Italian culture such as fashion, film, games, lifestyles, and immigration. You will also read stories by two famous Italian authors. The readings will help you learn more about Italian literature, history, and contemporary culture, and provide a context for much of the grammar. They will also help you expand your vocabulary and increase your fluency.

Prerequisite: ITAL 203 or equivalent

Required Materials:

  • Capek-Habeković and Mazzola, A vicenda: Cultura (2009), ISBN 978-0073274355
  • A good Italian/English dictionary (recommended is Webster’s New World Italian Dictionary or, if you have access to the Internet, Garzanti.
  • a cassette recorder (regular or mini) and a set of blank audiocassette tapes to use with it.

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