HIST 367: North Carolina History Since 1865

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Through a variety of books and essays, this course examines the social, economic, and political forces that shaped North Carolina from the end of the Civil War to the beginning of the twenty-first century. Subjects covered include the shift from an agriculture economy to manufacturing, followed by service and high tech; the rise of racial segregation and disfranchisement at the turn of the twentieth century, and its dismantling in the 1960s by the Civil Rights movement; the effects of the Great Depression and the New Deal; the changing role of women; and the development of public education.

Required Texts:

  • Link, North Carolina: Change and Tradition in a Southern State (2009), ISBN 978-0882952673
  • Leloudis, Schooling the New South (1996), ISBN 978-0807822654
  • Hanchett, Sorting Out the New South City (1998), ISBN 978-0807823767
  • Covington and Ellis, eds., The North Carolina Century (2002), ISBN 978-0807827574
  • Hall, Leloudis, Korstad, Murphy, Jones, and Daly, Like a Family (2000), ISBN 978-0807848791
  • HIST 367 Coursepack

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