HIST 128: American History since 1865

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This course is a general survey of the nation’s history from the era of Reconstruction (immediately following the Civil War) to the present. Emphasis will be placed on the significant political and economic events of the period, as well as on changes in the American social and cultural landscape. The course is structured around themes that professional historians have deemed important, but you will be encouraged (in fact required) to find personal connections between your own life experiences and those of the Americans who came before you. Many of these vital connections will be found in the course’s assigned materials (especially in the original source documents), but you and your classmates will also locate materials as you explore the Internet.

Required Texts:

  • Boyer et al., The Enduring Vision, Volume II, 7th edition ISBN: 978-0495799986
  • Lorence, Enduring Voices, Volume II, 4th edition (1996)
  • CD (contains a series of short lectures by scholars associated with UNC-Chapel Hill)

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