ENGL 128: Major American Authors

This course is a study of major American authors, mainly from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Through the readings, we will focus on exploring questions of individualism in America—the quest for self-knowledge, self-expression, and personal freedom.

In this course you will be expected to

  • read all required texts
  • participate in online discussions via the discussion forum
  • complete several papers
  • complete a final exam.

Prerequisite: a second-semester college-level composition course or permission of instructor.

Required Texts:

  • Chopin, The Awakening ISBN 978-1936594498
  • Hawthorne, House of the Seven Gables ISBN 978-0486408828
  • Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises ISBN 978-0743297332
  • Pynchon, The Crying of Lot 49 ISBN 978-0060931674
  • Whitman, Leaves of Grass ISBN 978-0486456768
  • Morrison, Beloved ISBN 978-1400033416

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