DRAM 116: Perspectives in the Theatre

This course provides a survey of the interrelationships of acting, directing, designing, and playwriting through the study of major periods of theatrical expression and representative plays. The course strives to equip the student with a common vocabulary and understanding of the concepts utilized in the study and collaborative work of the theatre.

Required Texts

  • Barranger, Theatre: A Way of Seeing, 6th edition (2006)
  • Sophocles, trans. Nicholas Rudall, Antigone (1998)
  • Ibsen, Four Major Plays, Vol. I (1992)
  • Shepard, Buried Child (1997)
  • Parks, The America Play (1995)
  • Shaw, Pygmalion (1994)
  • Shakespeare, ed. Frances Dolan, Richard II (2000)

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