DRAM 116: Perspectives in the Theatre

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This course provides a survey of the interrelationships of acting, directing, designing, and playwriting through the study of major periods of theatrical expression and representative plays. The course strives to equip the student with a common vocabulary and understanding of the concepts utilized in the study and collaborative work of the theatre.

Required Texts
You must obtain the edition of the Barranger text indicated below. You may use any modern edition of the plays; however, for ease of discussion and uniformity in the course, the instructor recommends the editions and translations listed.

  • Barranger, Theatre: A Way of Seeing, 6th edition (2006), ISBN 978-0495004721
  • Sophocles, Antigone: In a New Translation by Nicholas Rudall (1998), ISBN 978-1566632119
  • Ibsen, A Doll House, in Four Major Plays, Vol. 1, Fjelde, trans. (1992)
  • Shepard, Buried Child, ISBN 978-0822215110
  • Shakespeare, Henry IV, Parts One and Two (2005), ISBN 978-1411404366
  • Parks, Top Dog/Underdog (2004), ISBN 978-0822219835
  • Williams, A Streetcar Named Desire (1998), ISBN 978-0822210894

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