ARTH 151: History of Western Art I

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This course is a general introduction to the history of Western art, its ancestry, and its heritage. It is designed for the beginning student, and assumes no previous experience in art or art history.

In addition to introducing many of the major surviving monuments of painting, sculpture, metalwork, and architecture from circa 2500 BC to circa 1300 CE, this course will teach the fundamental skills of visual analysis and provide you with vocabulary and concepts for discussing works of art. No less important, the enormous geographical range and long time span covered by the course provide a unique opportunity for investigating the relation between works of art and the varied cultures in which they were produced. As much as learning about creative thinking and skills, understanding human cultural diversity is a major goal of our education.

Required Text:

  • Stokstad, Art History, Volume 1, 5th edition (2014), ISBN 978-0205873487

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